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My Services

As a designer and illustrator I create work for web, social media, editorial as well as products and merch. The list below is only to give you a broad idea of what my services might include. All solutions are customised to your needs, so even if you  are unsure – let's talk about it.

Digital Illustration

You already have a brand but want to bring more live into your website or social media? Adding Illustration to your website or social media can be a great way to add more personality.

Brand Design

You have a project, company, or fundraiser in mind? Bring it to live with a coherent brand design. From brand identity to digital presence as well as print media. How much you do or don't need is tailored to your specific needs.

Products and Merch

Creating Illustrations for print media, packaging, labels, merch, post cards, posters and many more.


This ranges from creating illustrations for individual articles to the complete layout and design of a book or magazine.


Get in touch!

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